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Biox SmartHospital software package offers a cloud-based remote patient monitoring solution that can allow physicians to get their patients’ data including vital parameters, reports, and medical history at any time from any device. Our solution is focused on offering efficient device tracking and organization solutions to the physicians to ensure ease of access to information about patients. It can also allow doctors to track the hospitalization and discharge summary of patients in a few simple steps. Biox also offer an integrated system of organization to allow for device and patient transfers.

A cloud-based remote patient monitoring solution and hospital organization tool

One account for all devices

Fully Automated Hospital

Biox SmartHospital software package allows you to organize your hospital according to your needs, know where every patient and device is at all times and sort the patients you want to closely monitor.

Integrated Notification System

Advanced features integrated within the system to help clinicians receive notifications of critical vital signs. The notification system supported by Biox SmartHospital software package allows physicians to customize the parameters of abnormal vital signs to a specific value set.

Access patient's data in real-time from any device

Biox SmartHospital software package is easy and quick to deploy and integrate into the hospitals current system without the need for additional hardware. You are one click away from real-time patient's data.

Two-Phase Deployment System

The first phase involves the use of HL7 standard recommended communication procedures to connect to the hospital servers without the need to bring any new device into the hospital.

In the second phase, the smart hospital devices are introduced to the hospital to abolish the need for an onsite server in the facility. The system is designed for the faster unification and implementation of Biox SmartHospital software package within the hospital’s data centers and workflow to ensure faster treatment response and more room for patients in the hospital.

Access to live and historical data of both hospitalized and discharged patients

Biox’s SmartHospital software package offers a cloud-based remote patient monitoring solution that allows clinicians to access patients’ physiological data, including all vital signs, at any time from any device. While traditional telemetry only monitors patients’ heart rate and rhythm – Biox’s Smart Hospital software continuously monitors all vitals signs in addition to heart rate and rhythm. The display of vital signs in real time ensures faster analysis and assessment of patients’ current clinical condition. Biox’s SmartHospital software package is designed to provide access to the medical history of currently and previously hospitalized patients to support quick diagnosis and evaluation of their current health conditions. The vital sign history is displayed in the form of graphs to help physicians track the health status and progress of patients with just a glance.

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