Wearable, real-time, wireless vital sign monitoring

Real-time vital sign monitoring

The most essential component of examining a patient is obtaining their vital signs. While all other aspects of the encounter are important, they are meaningless if the vital signs are missed or incorrect. Vital signs are usually obtained at the initial moment a patient is evaluated. In the out-patient setting, the vital signs are normally recorded only once. If they are abnormal, the patient may be advised to seek emergency medical treatment. Research studies have suggested that patients in the pre-hospital setting, Emergency Room, General Ward, and ICU should be evaluated and monitored in a real-time basis.

Bio-Sign, the advanced Pulse Oximeter by BIOX is an easy-to-use, single application device that will assist healthcare professionals to continuously monitor patients’ temperature, pulse, 2 lead ECG, oxygen saturations and temperate, among other parameters, on a continuous real-time basis.

BIOX Pulse Oximeter features

Oxygen saturation
Heart Rate
Heart rate variability
Perfusion index
Perfusion index Variability

Why BIOX Pulse Oximeter

  • The vital signs are uploaded to online medical records automatically. This will minimize data entry errors.
  • The advanced features of Bio-Sign ensure the private health information (PHI) remains end-to-end encrypted ensuring maximum security and privacy.
  • Bio-Sign offers the ease of one point of contact. This means that healthcare professionals can monitor the vital signs of all patients in any clinical setting from a central display screen.
  • Bio-Sign has some unique features such as fall detection and voice messages to healthcare professionals. It also allows interactions between the patient and medical staff to safeguard swift corrective action.
  • Bio-Sign stores the information about the patient's medical records and vital signs in a cloud database that can be assessed from anywhere and at any time. The patient is allowed access to their online medical records including medical history and treatments given during hospitalization.

How can a Bio-Sign improve the monitoring of the patient's vital signs?

Bio-Sign is an easy-to-use device that was developed with an aim to outperform the safety and accuracy standards recommended by the FDA.

It was designed after years of clinical research to improve the healthcare services offered in a hospital setting.

Bio-Sign was designed so that it can be used even in any clinical setting. Continuous, non-invasive monitoring of the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and ECG using the Bio-Sign will aid in detecting abnormal variations earlier to avoid serious complications.

Why is monitoring patient's health continuously essential for improved hospital care?

Patients in general wards have a comparatively stable condition that usually does not call for continuous monitoring. Normally the vital signs of these patients are checked only a few times a day. In fact, routine vital signs are checked every four hours.

However, recent clinical studies have shown that even patients in a general ward are likely to develop medical emergencies. If not detected and attended to immediately, it can result in life-threatening complications. This is the foundation for monitoring all vital signs of all patients on a continuous basis.

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